One of the important environment challanges faced currently is ‘AIR POLLUTION’ both Indoor or Outdoor. Choosing from available Products range is a cumbersome challenge, as the Product must qualify the following :

  1. Low Cost,
  2. Highly Effective,
  3. Least Maintenance,
  4. easy availability

For INDOORs we have two Products :-

A. Vehicle

The Product is placed in the vehicle and the circulating air is being filtered from the Pollutants.


The Product is being placed in the house wherein it could cover the carpet area (circular) upto 300 sq.ft. of the house. Varieties available are :-

  1. CONCEALED :- It is placed in the Wall Cavity just like a Switch Board Panel.
  2. PYRAMID :- It can be used as VASTU Compliant Table Top or Wall Mount.
  3. CUBICAL :- It can be used as a Table Top or Wall Mount.


  • It consumes Least electricity.
  • Works on Ions Change principle.
  • Doesn’t have any Filters, so Negligible maintenance Cost.

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