Our Organisation has planned for “Adoption and Development of Public Parks”. We plan to take Public Parks from different Organisations like :-

     1. DDA – Delhi Development Authority.
     3. SDMC – South Delhi Municipal Corporation.
     5. NDMC – North Delhi Municipal Corporation.

     2. PWD – Public Works Department.
     4. EDMC – East Delhi Municipal Corporation.
     6. NDMC – New Delhi Municipal Corporation.

We wish to bring a positive change in the society by various activities that includes :-


           a. Awareness towards Plant and their well being.
           b. Developing Organic Compost from Horticulture Waste.
           c. Introducing the New Concept ‘MINI – FOREST’.
           d. Planting of Local and Feasible Plant varieties suitable for the Soil.
           e. To bring the Youth as well as the Children towards the Plants and their Importance in Life.
           f. Develop Compost from Kitchen – Dry Waste.
           g. To Plant Medicinal Herbs, Shrubs and Trees (as much possible) for support of Environment.
           h. To use methods like Step Garden, Small Check Dams etc for better Landscaping and retaining of Rain Water.