Sanitization Chemical used for Sanitization has the following features:-

  1. Can be applied to any surface (Porous or Non – Porous) as the Chemical forms a uniform, Strongly – bonded monolayer
  2. The Spear – like Molecular chain with a Silane base anchors to every surface.
  3. Drawn to these ‘SPARS’ due to a positive Nitrogen charge at the spar’sbase, Microbes come in contact with it causing a physical disruption of the Microbial Surface, as opposed to leaching chemical disruption, which only lasts minutes after application.
  4. The Microbes that land or get drawn to this ‘SPAR – PROTECTED’ surface, are impaled. This rupturing the Cell Wall, Viral envelope or Membrane, causes the DESTRUCTION of Microbe.


A. Unique, patented Molecular bonding using Nanotechnology. A. Certified By and Registered with US – EPA.
B. Safe
B. Mechanical method of disrupting cell membranes C. Non – Toxic
D. Odourless
C. The Chemical Polymerizes where it is applied and forms a Semi – Permanent E. Colourless
F. Biodegradable
G. GREEN TECHNOLOGY – does not Leach or Deplete like Silver Colloid products.


  • Water based for Safe & Easy use.
  • Achieves Round–the–Clock–Protection against Dangerous Microbes, Fungi, Mold, Mildew & Algae.
  • Unaffected by Heat, tested to 300oF = 148.889oCelsius.
  • Chemical will not Volatilise, Dissipate or Leach onto other surfaces.
  • It can be Wiped, Sprayed, Fogged or Misted on any surface.
  • Approved for Porous and Non – Porous Surfaces and Fabrics.
  • Low maintenance, using your Normal routine cleaning.
  • Provides an Invisible Protective coating from Contaminating Microbes even between Normal cleaning.
  • Exceptional for Laundry applications.
  • Protects Medical facilities including Uniforms and all surfaces against the Growth of Mold, Mildew, Fungi, Yeasts, Algae, Bacteria and other microbes which cause staining, Odour and Discolouration.


We shall Test before and After the application of Sanitization Treatment to demonstrate Efficacy of Disinfection Process.