A. Social – Basis

Our Organisation has planned for “TARALAYA – Home for Seniors”. We plan to build this Old age Home for 150 Senior People, at a place where there is lot of greenery. This Old Age Home is being planned to be made with following merits :-

A)   Civil Construction on the Basis of Green Building Concept. B)    Co ordination and Co operation with other Authorities.
C)    Recycling of Waste Water. D)   Trained Staff & Helpers.
E)    Use of Renewable Energy. F)    Secured Area.
G)   Structure facilitating Smooth and Safe Movement for the Aged. H)   Nutritious feedings.
I)      ‘JITENDRA KUSUM MEDICAL CENTRE’ for Medical Services Hygiene & Health caring facility. J)     Picnics / Festivals / Birthdays / Excusions etc being part of Schedule.

Our Planned Budget is nearly 20 Crores.