Recycling Plastic– Basis (Under ‘SWACHH BHARAT MISSION’)

Our Organisation has planned for “Recycling of Plastic”. We plan to install Machine for Recycling of different products called as SPECTRA – RVM, it is meant for >

        A. PET Bottles (Potable – Water).
        B. Aluminium – Cans (Aerated Drinks).


  •  3600 solution for Plastic – Bottles, Aluminum – Cans and Polybags.
  •  Ensures 100% processing at source of generation of waste avoid reuse.
  • Reduces volume of Recyclable material by up to 85% instantly.
  • Reduce CO2 emission by 100% recycling & ensuring raw material for industry
  • Saves transportation and fuel burning minimum by 9-10 times
  • Generate employment opportunity 8 to 10 persons per machine.
  • Avoid littering, land fill , forest dump from any plastic waste.
  • Saves 1012 liters of water used in per kg of waste recycling in traditional method.
  • New Products > Rods, Seaters, Yarns etc.
  • 100% made in India.